Hillsboro Ventures Inc

The Hillsboro Development Corporation board of directors developed a strategy for promoting economic development by forming Hillsboro Ventures Inc. (HVI), a not-for-profit business support center. HVI offers a supporting relationship with innovative entrepreneurs to help their dreams become reality.οΎ  Through its full-time executive director and volunteer board, HVI is available to consult with businesses helping them through the difficult initial stages of starting a business. It also relies on a network of business resources partnered to fulfill specific needs. Through these services, HVI surrounds local businesses with the resources they need to succeed and grow.

The services provided by HVI and its various partners include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting with writing and developing a business plan
  • Developing of cash flow projections
  • Providing guidance in securing adequate funding
  • Assistance in locating suitable facilities
  • Offering direction for product marketing and sales
  • Assistance in human resource needs
  • Providing expertise in product development and manufacturing
  • Serving as a consultant for small business enterprise issues
  • Low interest business loans through the Hillsboro E-Community program

Hillsboro Ventures Board of Directors

  • Mike Kleiber, President
  • Darrell Driggers, Vice President
  • Cynthia Fleming, Secretary
  • Brad Bartel, Treasurer
  • Michael Padgett, Member
  • Phil Wyssenbach, Member