Our New Canine Officer - Remo


In March of 2013, the Hillsboro Police Dept K-9 Unit graciously accepted a donated canine named Remo from K9 Working Dog Intl (www.k9wdi.com).

Remo is a three year old, 80 lb, Dutch Sheppard male.  Remo is certified in narcotic detection, which includes marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin and their derivatives such as ecstasy, crystal meth, crack cocaine, etc.  Remo is also trained for suspect apprehension, handler protection, aggression control, obedience, evidence recovery and man trail or tracking.  Remo is actively requested by schools in Hillsboro and other communities to perform locker and vehicle sniffs.  While the K-9 Unit is an active deterrent for the distribution, sales and possession of drugs, Remo is an invaluable tool in fighting crime in Hillsboro.  

The Hillsboro Police K-9 Unit is solely funded by donations



Hillsboro Police Department

Our Mission Statement & Staff

Office Phone Number - 620-947-3440

Emergency Phone Number - 9-1-1

The mission statement for the Hillsboro Police Department is:

To provide a safe & secure environment for the community;

To serve & protect the people with courage, integrity & compassion;

To be a positive influence and work as a partnership with the community.


Our staff includes:


Daniel Kinning, Chief of Police

Jessey Hiebert, Assistant Chief of Police

Steven Janzen, Sergeant

David Funk, Officer & DARE Officer

Brad Richards, Officer & K-9 Officer

Dare Program










DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  DARE is an education program taught by a certified law enforcement officer in the school to prevent drug abuse and to help students learn how to make healthy decisions.  The students learn about the consequences of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as peer pressure, stressors, and conflict resolution.

Officer David Funk is the Hillsboro DARE Officer.  He has been teaching DARE to the fifth grade students of U.S.D. 410 since 2000.